TREX One – Board Bringup

Yesterday was an exciting day, as the package with 10x TREX One Boards arrived! Of course, despite still being ill, I couldn’t hesitate to see if I managed to write working portions of the firmware blindly without having the hardware yet.

I am very happy to say that I was able to verify all the functions of the board are working properly:
– 4x MIDI Input working
– 4x MIDI Output working
– RP2040 working
– ESP32 working
– UART between RP2040 and ESP32 working
– Display + Touchscreen working (incl. LVGL support, which is very exciting)
– Shift-Registers + RP2040 PIO for scanning rotary encoders + buttons working
– 4x WS2812 addressable RGB LEDs working
– LDOs stay warm

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